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Suspicious minds / Presley Elvis

Suspicious minds (1969)

1/ Wearin' that loved on look
2/ Only the strong survive
3/ I'll hold you in my heart
4/ Long black limousine
5/ It keeps right on a-hurtin'
6/ I'm movin' on
7/ Power of my love
8/ Gentle on my mind
9/ After loving you
10/ True love travels on a gravel road
11/ Any day now
12/ In the ghetto
13/ Mama liked the roses
14/ Suspicious minds
15/ You'll think of me
16/ Don't cry daddy
17/ The fair is moving on
18/ Kentucky rain
19/ Stranger on my own home town
20/ Without love (there is nothing)
1/ This time / I can't stop loving you
2/ After loving you
3/ Without love
4/ I'm movin' on
5/ From a Jack to a King
6/ It keeps right on a-hurtin' (alternate take)
27/ True love travels on a gravel road (alternate take)
8/ Power of my love (alternate take)
9/ You'll think of me (alternate take)
10/ If I'm a fool (for loving you)
11/ Do you know who I am
12/ A little bit of green
13/ And the grass won't pay no mind
14/ This is the story
15/ I'll be there
16/ Hey Jude
17/ Rubberneckin'
18/ Poor man's Gold (incomplete)
39/ Inherit the wind
20/ My little friend
21/ Who am I?
22/ Kentucky rain (alternate take)
23/ Suspicious minds (alternate take)
24/ In the ghetto (alternate take) 

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