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Peachtree Road / John Elton

Peachtree Road (2004)

1/ Weight of the World (Taupin/John) - 3:58
2/ Porch Swing in Tupelo (Taupin/John) - 4:38
3/ Answer in the Sky (Taupin/John) - 4:03
4/ Turn the Lights Out When You Leave (Taupin/John) - 5:02
5/ My Elusive Drug (Taupin/John) - 4:12
6/ They Call Her the Cat (Taupin/John) - 4:27
7/ Freaks in Love (Taupin/John) - 4:32
8/ All That I'm Allowed (Taupin/John) - 4:52
9/ I Stop and I Breathe (Taupin/John) - 3:39
10/ Too Many Tears (Taupin/John) - 4:14
11/ It's Getting Dark in Here (Taupin/John) - 3:50
12/ I Can't Keep This from You (Taupin/John) - 4:34

Produit par Elton John

Elton John : chant, piano, claviers, choeurs
Davey Johnstone : guitare, sitar, dobro, mandoline, choeurs
Nigel Olsson : batterie, choeurs
Guy Babylon : orgue Hammond, piano, claviers, programmation
Bob Birch : basse, choeurs
John Mahon : percussions, choeurs
John Jorgenson : guitare
James Pankow : trombone
Lee Loughnane : trompette
Walter Parazaider, Larry Klimas : saxophone
Martin Tillman, Steve Erodody : violoncelle
Charlie Bisharat, Joel Derouin, Bruce Dukow, Endre Granat, Eric J. Hosler, Dimitrie Leiviachi, Phillip Levy, Robin Olson, Sid Page, Mark Robinson, Anatoly Rosinsky and Lisa M. Sutto : violon
Brian Dembrow, Victoria Miskolczy, Simon Oswell and James V. Ross : alto
L'Tanya Shields, Alecia Terry, M. Dennis Sims, Rosalind McKnight, Mark Ford, Terrence Davis, Todd Honeycutt, Adam McKnight : choeurs

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