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Coat of many cupboards / XTC

Coat of many cupboards (2002)

1/ Science Friction (CBS Demo)
2/ Spinning Top (Live At Eric's In Liverpool)
3/ Traffic Light Rock (Live At Eric's In Liverpol)
4/ Radios In Motion (White Music Version)
5/ Let's Have Fun (White Music Out Take)
6/ Fireball XL5/Fireball Dub (White Music Out Take)
7/ Heatwave Mark 2 Deluxe (White Music Out Take)
8/ This Is Pop (Single Version)
9/ Are You Receiving Me (Go 2 Out Take)
10/ Things Fall To Bits (Go 2 Out Take)
11/ Us Being Us (Go 2 Out Take)
12/ Life Begins At The Hop (First Rehearsal Extract)
13/ Life Begins At The Hop (First Recording, Unused)
14/ Making Plans For Nigel (Demo From Swindon Town Hall)
15/ Ten Feet Tall (Drums And Wires Version)
16/ Sleepyheads (Drums And Wires Out Take)

1/ Meccanik Dancing (Oh We Go) (Live At The Marconi Club In Sydney)
2/ Atom Medley: Into The Atom Age/Hang On To The Night/Neon Shuffle (Live At The Marconi Club In Sydney)
3/ Life Begins At The Hop (Unused U.S. Single Recording)
4/ Real By Reel (Unused Single Recording)
5/ When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty (Unused Single Recording)
6/ Helicopter (Unused Single Recording)
7/ Towers Of London (Rejected Single Recording)
8/ Generals And Majors (Rehearsal Tape)
9/ No Language In Our Lungs (Black Sea Version)
10/ Sgt. Rock Is Going To Help Me (Black Sea Version)
11/ Paper And Iron (Live At The Lyceum In London)
12/ Crowded Room (Live At The Lyceum In London)
13/ Senses Working Overtime (Early Work Tape)
14/ Snowman (Live At The Hammersmith Odeon In London)
15/ Ball And Chain (Unused Single Recording)

1/ Punch And Judy (Unused Single Recording)
2/ Fly On The Wall (English Settlement Version)
3/ Yacht Dance (Live On The Old Grey Whistle Test, BBC TV)
4/ Jason And The Argonauts (English Settlement Version)
5/ Love On A Farmboy's Wages (Home Demo) 6/ Wonderland (Home Demo)
7/ Ladybird (Mummer Version)
8/ All You Pretty Girls (Home Demo)
9/ Wake Up (Home Demo)
10/ The Everyday Story Of Smalltown (Big Express Version)
11/ Grass (Home Demo)
12/ Let's Make A Den (Home Demo)
13/ The Meeting Place (Home Demo)
14/ Dear God (Band Demo) 


1/ Brainiac's Daughter (Psonic Psunspot Version)
2/ Vanishing Girl (Psonic Psunspot Version)
3/ Terrorism (Home Demo)
4/ Find The Fox (Home Demo)
5/ Season Cycle (Skylarking Version)
6/ The Troubles (Home Demo)
7/ Mayor Of Simpleton (Early Work Tape)
8/ King For A Day (Home Demo)
9/ Chalkhills And Children (Oranges & Lemons Version)
10/ The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead (Early Home Demo)
11/ Omnibus (Nonsuch Version)
12/ The Disappointed (Home Demo)
13/ Bungalow (Nonsuch Version)
14/ Didn't Hurt A Bit (Nonsuch Out Take)
15/ Books Are Burning (Live On The Late Show, BBC TV

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