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Songs of love & loss / Arena Tina

Songs of love & loss (2007)

1/ The Look of Love (Bacharach, David) - 3:44
2/ I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself (Bacharach, David) - 3:44
3/ So Far away (King) - 4:13
4/ To Sir With Love (Black, London) - 3:40
5/ The Man with the Child in His Eyes (Bush) - 4:31
6/ Do You Know Where You're Going To (Goffin, Masser) - 3:42
7/ Love Hangover (McLeod, Sawyer) - 4:27
8/ I Only Want to Be with You (Raymonde, Hawker) - 4:04
9/ The Windmills of Your Mind (Bergman, Bergman, Legrand) - 3:46
10/ Everybody hurts (Berry, Stipe, Mills, Buck) - 5:29
11/ Woman (Arena, Harmon, Hayes) - 3:52
12/ Until (Blackwell, Guardiani, Arena) - 4:40

Produit par Duck Blackwell, Paul Guardiani, Paul Manners.

Un album de reprises, notamment de Burt Bacharach, Kate Bush, Carole King, R.E.M. ou Dusty Springfield

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