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Very early Joan Baez / Baez Joan

Very early Joan Baez (1982)

1/ Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream
2/ Willie Moore
3/ She's a Trouble Maker
4/ Tear in My Eyes
5/ Somebody Got Lost in a Storm
6/ Water is Wide
7/ Man of Constant Sorrow
8/ Freight Train
9/ Lady Gay
10/ Johhny Cuckoo
11/ Lonesome Valley
12/ Riddle Song
13/ Railroad Bill
14/ Little Darlin'
15/ In the Pines
16/ Pilgrim of Sorrow
17/ Where Have All the Flowers Gone
18/ Rambler Gambler
19/ Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies
20/ Hallowed Be Thy Name
21/ Twelve Gates to the City
22/ Silver Dagger

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