Stray Cats (the)

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Runaway boys : A retrospective 81-92 / Stray Cats (the)

Runaway boys : A retrospective 81-92 (1997)

1/ Rock This Town
2/ Fishnet Stockings
3/ Built for Speed
4/ Rev It up and Go
5/ Stray Cat Strut
6/ Rumble in Brighton
7/ My One Desire
8/ Runaway Boys
9/ You Can't Hurry Love
10/ Baby Blue Eyes
11/ Lonely Summer Nights
12/ Cruisin'
13/ 18 Miles from Memphis
14/ Something's Wrong with My Radio
15/ I Won't Stand in Your Way
16/ Lucky Charm
17/ (She's) Sexy & 17
18/ Lookin' Better Every Beer
19/ Race with the Devil
20/ I Fought the Law
21/ Blast Off
22/ Bring It Back Again
23/ Gene and Eddie
24/ Give It to Me
25/ Elvis on Velvet 

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