Art Of Noise (the)

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Reduction / Art Of Noise (the)

Reduction (2000)

1/ Il pleure (At the turn of the century)
2/ Born on a sunday
3/ Dreaming in colour
4/ On being blue
5/ Continued in colour
6/ Rapt : in the evening air
7/ Metaforce
8/ The holy egoism of genius
9/ La flûte de pan
10/ Metaphor on the floor
11/ Approximate mood swing n : 2

1/ Pause
2/ Out of this world (Version 138)
3/ Identity crisis
4/ Motive
5/ (New York London Paris) Spleen
6/ Saluting the point of no return
7/ Man and boy
8/ Information
9/ Dreaming : maroon
10/ And I placed my fingers on her eyes as though I were touching the silent controls of a tv set

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