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Love is / Wilde Kim

Love is (1992)

1/ Love Is Holy (Nowels, Shipley) - 4:03
2/ Who Do You Think You Are? (K. Wilde, R. Wilde) - 3:48
3/ I Believe in You (R. Wilde, Silver) - 4:08
4/ Touched by Your Magic (R. Wilde, Silver) - 4:36
5/ I Won't Change the Way That I Feel (K. Wilde, Nowels) - 4:07
6/ Million Miles Away (K. Wilde, R. Wilde) - 4:08
7/ The Light of the Moon (Belongs to Me) (K. Wilde, R. Wilde, Byrd) - 4:15
8/ Heart Over Mind (Hall, Munday, Stewart, Whitecross) - 4:07
9/ A Miracle's Coming (K. Wilde, R. Wilde, Nowels) - 4:00
10/ Try Again (K. Wilde, R. Wilde) - 4:23
11/ Too Late (K. Wilde, Byrd) - 3:59

Produit par    Rick Nowels, Ricky Wilde

Kim Wilde : chant, choeurs
Charles Judge : claviers
Ricky Wilde : claviers, programmation, guitare, basse, choeurs
David Munday : claviers, programmation, guitare, choeurs
Rusty Anderson, Steve Byrd : guitare
Davey Johnstone : mandolin, sitar
John Pierce, Mick Karn : basse
Curt Bisquera, Geoff Dugmore, Rudy Richman : batterie
Paul Buckmaster : direction orchestre, arrangements des cordes
Valerie Pinkston, Frances Ruffelle, Ellen Shipley, Junior Giscombe, Jordan Bailey, Roxanne Wilde : choeurs

Sorti le 18 mai 1992

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